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The safety of LGBTQ+ people in Afghanistan has been jeopardized by the Taliban uprising in August 2021.

Since the arrival of the Taliban in Kabul on August 16, the associations working to defend LGBTQ+ rights in Afghanistan have witnessed:
  • Neighbors informing on neighbors to gain respect in the new regime
  • Armed raids on the homes of LGBTQ+ people who appear on a list
  • Murders and threats against the families of LGBTQ+ people
  • Kidnappings, torture, and murders of Afghan LGBTQ+ people by the Taliban.
Coalition PLUS, in collaboration with activists from the Afghan diaspora and the LGBTQ+ community, is taking action to ensure the protection of people in danger.

All the donations collected will be used to support the logistical and legal efforts to protect people under threat from the Taliban. Thankfully, some have already been able to leave the country. Today, we need your support to help with their rehousing and the purchase of essential goods, like food, toiletries and clothing.

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The collected money will be used to support the logistical and legal efforts needed to allow members of the community to leave Afghanistan, the expenses needed for transit in neighboring countries and resettlement in asylum countries.

© Photo credit : Mohammad Rahmani - Afghanistan, Morning in Kabul